We Build Concrete Bunkers

Underground Concrete Bomb Shelters and Survival Bunkers

Concrete is better than steel for Underground Bunkers. That’s the reason the Government and Military are still building them with concrete. We build underground bunkers and shelters to meet your individual needs.
Underground Concrete Bunkers provide protection in Nuclear Disaster, Earthquake, Wildfire,…

Our custom built reinforced concrete bunkers provide security and peace of mind in the event of a catastrophic event. Our  system provides the protections needed to survive Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and other disasters. Our Bunkers are Mold, Mildew, Fungus and Fire proof. Whether you need a simple Bunker or have a specific floor plan, we will custom build a Bunker to meet your specific needs and within your budget. Our bunkers are more affordable than other systems on the market and provide better protection against multiple threats. We will work with you to design something made to meet your personal needs.
Compared to steel pipe bunkers, our concrete bunkers provide 27.4% more usable space and only require 3 feet of earth cover overhead to provide proper protection. Most steel systems, however, are installed with 8-10 feet of dirt above to provide the same protection,which creates accessibility issues, especially for injured, elderly, handicapped and young children.
The advantages of our bunker systems over steel systems in terms of site work and installation costs, usable interior space, level of protection and overall utility are tremendous.There are numerous  important advantages over steel systems such as Mass Density, Thermal Conductivity Resistance,Sound Attentuation and being Mold/Mildew Proof to name a few.

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