Bomb & Fallout Shelter Builders | Underground Bunker Builders

Ready for concreteOur Underground or Above Ground Bunkers are individually designed and built  to meet your long term survivability requirements. Although the designs and systems are principally determined for nuclear weapons, it can be stated that a well built nuclear bunker also offers good protection against Chemical, Biological,  and Explosive weapons and natural disasters. An Underground Bunker can be designed and constructed to fit your needs.

Underground bunkers are advantageous for several reasons; they provide the added protection of being below the surface thus escaping a major portion of the effects from blasts and radiation, they can be pre-stocked with provisions to sustain their occupants for several months and, most important, they can be located connected to, or adjacent to, your primary residence, thus allowing for quick evacuation.

The bunkers can be designed for either Single Use or Multi Use.



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